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Employee Spotlight — Adam Root

Our next employee spotlight is Adam Root! Adam is a Project Estimator/Manager at Gana Trucking & Excavating and has been with the company for 15 years. He started working in construction at 15 years old and decided to make a career out of it by furthering his education after high school. He attended the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and earned a bachelor’s in Construction and Management. While at the UNL, he networked with the Vice President, Jake Whitefoot, and later started an internship at Gana Trucking & Excavating.

As a Project Manager/Estimator, Adam primarily makes bids on projects and manages the ones that get accepted. He loves the freedom that he gets from his job. Management has high expectations, but they trust their employees to make good calls and to complete a project successfully without hovering over your shoulder. 

Working in construction does have its challenges though. For instance, managing things you can’t control. Whether it’s the weather, broken equipment, or unexpected site changes, he has to be able to address those roadblocks and quickly think of solutions. Facing these challenges is a lot easier when there is a team to offer their help and support. He says that the people truly make Gana the company that it is today. Everyone that works here gets treated well and feels like a friend rather than a coworker.

As he reflects on the past 15 years, two of the most memorable projects that he has been a part of are Duncan Aviation as well as the Pinnacle Bank Arena. However, despite spending a lot of his time on commercial projects, he does enjoy the smaller residential projects as well. No matter the size, it’s always rewarding whenever a project turns out well.

When Adam isn’t busy working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids. They have a home near Waverly, NE and like to spend their outside, going to the lake, and catching a concert nearby.

Adam is a great asset to our company and we’re lucky to have him on our team! He plays an essential role in promoting our company and being responsible for the development of most of our projects. Here’s what Craig Gana and Jake Whitefoot had to say when asked to describe the kind of employee Adam is:

“Oh goodness, as you know, now that is a mouthful

– Born leader

– Bar setter

– Operations swag & bull dog

– High Rev personality

– Expects perfection from himself and all those working with him

– He never quits, no matter what the task at hand involves, day/night, seven days a week

– Not only does he set the bar on those around him, but also the daily energy to staff, that all feed off of.

– To the highest level of competitive, that all can feel, absolutely must have, to work on his Project Manager team

– Utmost respect from all customers, friends, and Gana team

– Integrity Integrity Integrity” – Craig Gana

“Adam’s work ethic, integrity, character and intelligence define him as a foundational team member of Gana Trucking & Excavating.  He does not compromise on his nor his projects expectations.  Commitment to his clients, and team members is second to none.  I personally have the highest level of respect for him and love working shoulder to shoulder with him every day.” – Jake Whitefoot

We thank Adam Root for his dedication to Gana Trucking & Excavating!

If you’d like to learn more about Gana Trucking & Excavating, please visit give us a call at 402-794-5000.

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