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Aggregate Transportation

Did you know that aggregates are an essential component of construction projects? They provide the foundation for roads, bridges, and many other structures, but yet, their importance is often overlooked. While basic, aggregates make up the majority of asphalt pavement and concrete mix. Nearly every project needs to either import or export aggregates, which is why it’s essential to use a dependable transportation company when you need these materials moved. At Gana Trucking & Excavating, we specialize in transporting raw materials like gravel, crushed stone, and sand. With our full fleet of trucks and heavy equipment, we have the experience necessary to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

What are Aggregates?

Aggregates are raw materials such as gravel, crushed stone, or sand that are used in construction. These materials are mined from quarries, deposits, and underground sediments. When combined with a binding material, like water, they form into a compound material, such as asphalt or cement concrete. These ingredients make a very compact and strong composite.

What are Aggregates Used For?

While rocks and sand might not be the most exciting part of construction, they are essential to the success of many different types of projects. Wherever you see asphalt or concrete, aggregates play a key part in that formation. Here are some projects that aggregates are used for:




-Parking Lots





-Grading and Leveling

-Erosion Control

-Water Drainage Systems



-Recreational Purposes

Following steel, concrete makes up the largest volume of construction materials used in the United States. It’s a top choice because of its strength, versatility, and cost.

Meeting Your Project’s Needs

Whether you’re working on a small residential construction project or a large commercial development, we can provide the aggregate transportation services you need. We understand that every project is different, which is why we work closely with our customers to develop a customized plan that meets their specific requirements. With our growing fleet of dump trucks, side dumps, lowboys, truck and pups, etc., we are confident that our hauling options will be right for you. It’s our goal to deliver all aggregates to their destination on time and in good condition.

Choose Gana Trucking & Excavating for Aggregate Transportation

When Gana Trucking & Excavating was founded in 1995, aggregate supply was the core of our company. While we have expanded to offer other trucking and excavating services since, aggregate work still is at the heart of what we do. For over 25 years, we have strived to give our customers the best possible services out of Nebraska. If you’re in need of aggregate transportation services, we encourage you to give us a call at 402-794-5000!


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