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DAC Reports and Why They Matter

What are DAC reports?

DACs, or “Drive-A-Check” files are detailed summaries of a person’s previous employment history. These documents allow employers to get a sense of each position someone has held and how they performed while on the job. This information can help them decide whether to hire you.

What Information is on a DAC Report?

DAC files offer an incredible amount of detailed information about a driver’s history, including the following:

  • Identification (Name, SSN, DOB)
  • Employment History
  • Legal Transgressions
  • Driver Accident Data
  • Drug and Alcohol History
  • Rehire Eligibility
  • Types of freight and trailers used

The Importance of the DAC Report

The DAC is a tool that employers use to assess the drivers in their hiring pool. Your DAC report will be examined alongside your credit history and MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) to determine whether you are a reliable candidate for employment. This is particularly important for job opportunities where a CDL license is required.

How to Keep Your DAC Report Clean

Guard your DAC.

You should always know exactly what is on your report. If you notice anything negative, it’s important to deal with it immediately.

File a dispute if something looks wrong

If you notice false information on your record, action is needed quickly. File a dispute if you have information that is incorrect right away.

Drive safely

As a trucker, you know that driving defensively is incredibly important. Careless driving can cause accidents which can appear on your record and will stay there for years. Carriers are wary about hiring drivers with violations not only because of bad driving habits but also because of insurance purposes.

Quit a job professionally

Most places require a minimum of 2 weeks notice before leaving a job. It’s good to be professional about resigning to avoid future headaches on your report. 

Keep copies

Keep copies of important documents related to your CDL. This includes your DAC reports, reference letters, accident reports, resignation letters, drug test results, etc. 

To Summarize 

DAC reports are a free utility for drivers to use. Because of their importance in determining whether a driver is a good candidate to be hired by a company, it’s crucial that drivers keep their DAC reports as up-to-date and accurate as possible.

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