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Employee Spotlight : Mark Hundley

Our success and growth as a company is largely due to our people. That’s why we’re always looking forward to featuring a hardworking team member each month. We are thrilled to announce this months employee spotlight, Mark Hundley!

Mark has been with us just over 2 years now and is a valuable member of our team. He can be counted on to go above and beyond in everything he does, whether it’s taking on new tasks or simply working hard every day. 

Mark grew up in the southeast corner of Nebraska in a little town called Falls City. In his free time he enjoys being active and involved with his family. He often plays tennis, enjoys biking, as well as playing games and going on nature walks with his children!

What is his role?

Mark is a driver for our company who hauls all sorts of materials to and from job sites! He enjoys the independence that comes with his job, and he enjoys how easy going and laid back his days are.

What are the challenges?

He always enjoys his job, even though there are days when issues can throw a wrench into the work. One of the most common challenges that he faces is having to maneuver his truck through tight spaces to get to where he needs to go. Another issue that comes up occasionally is not knowing exactly where he needs to deliver materials for projects due to communication issues. 

Mark isn’t one to sit and let these things hold him back — instead, he works hard to overcome them with success!

His Favorite Project

It took him a while to come up with an answer for this one since his job comes with lots of neat views and interactions. After thinking about it for a bit, Mark said that one of his favorite places to work at is the air force base. He enjoys seeing all of the different aircrafts and being able to help out when a project is underway.

Why He Likes Working For Gana

We asked Mark why he would encourage someone to work for Gana. He had nothing but praise to say about his experience at Gana so far. He mentioned that if you’re looking for a job that isn’t physically challenging, has a laid back atmosphere, and has great coworkers and management, then you should definitely consider Gana.

What do the People at Gana Say About Mark?

Aaron Williams Dispatcher, “Mark is always willing to work, goes out of his way to help others, extremely patient, basically will do anything you ask him to do, always on time, and is a excellent trainer!”

Brandon Gunther, “Mark is a great leader and teacher.  We rely on him heavily to train and develop new drivers who join Gana Trucking.  His skill, patience, and teaching have given so many other drivers the skills that they need to succeed.” 

Thank You, Mark!

You are truly a valuable part of our team and we are so grateful for everything you do for us! Thank you again for everything, Mark!

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